Radiology Practice Management:

Day-to-Day Operations

RBS has over a decade of experience in all aspects of radiology business operations.


An Area of Excellence

We work with groups of various sizes across the nation. Radiology business operations is our specialty and we excel at it.

A Team of Experts

With RBS, each client will benefit from a whole team of experts in every area of radiology. We provide each client of sufficient size an on-site administrator who handles day-to-day operations. We also work with and supply established management structures to improve performance.


Comprehensive Services

Our comprehensive day-to-day operations services can include:

  • Schedule group meetings, prepare agendas, and keep minutes
  • Assist with marketing
  • Liaison with medical staff
  • Administrative support
  • Maintain credentials, licenses, memberships and CME

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Learn more about how Radiology Business Solutions can help you implement long-term, cohesive solutions designed to withstand the ever-changing nature of healthcare.

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