Radiology Practice Management:

Strategic Planning and Development

RBS can be a strategic asset to the group through support from our consulting division.  We understand the current market and see trends developing long before they become known at local levels.


An Evolving Landscape

Our  expertise in the business of radiology can help the group evolve with the times and position itself for the changes to come.

All the Support You Want

Every RBS management client receives unlimited support from our consulting division.

Individualized Strategic Planning

We provide each group strategic planning  and individualized services for any project or issue which may include:

  • Radiology Service Agreement Renewal and Negotiation/Mediation Services
  • Addressing Hospital Administration Issues
  • Addressing Medical Staff Issues
  • Partnerships/Joint Ventures
  • Group Mergers
  • New Sites of Service
  • New Hospital Contracts
  • Evaluating New Business Opportunities

Ready to Get Started?

Learn more about how Radiology Business Solutions can help you implement long-term, cohesive solutions designed to withstand the ever-changing nature of healthcare.

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