Many hospitals are considering a hospital-employed radiology practice model. This can be a viable option if designed well and implemented correctly.

Recruit and Retain Quality Physicians

The key to a successful hospital-employed practice model is the ability to recruit and retain quality physicians. Leadership, management and the compensation model are all critical components that must be developed with great care. When the model is attractive, leadership is established and the compensation model is appropriate, this approach can be a success.

Turn-Key Solutions

RBS has developed and implemented hospital-employed radiology practices to meet all challenges. Our proven process provides a turn-key option for hospitals, whether starting from scratch or transitioning a current private practice to employed physicians.

A Hospital-Employed Model That Works

RBS has developed a unique hybrid hospital-employed radiology practice model that has been successfully implemented and proven to be operationally sound. It is a hybrid model because it encompasses the best attributes of private practice and the security of hospital employment. The best of both worlds. Our approach realizes operational and financial efficiencies that are not common in most normal private practice – hospital contract relationships or traditional hospital-employed models.

Help at Every Step

We work closely with hospital administration and the radiologists to develop a model suitable to meet the needs of the hospital and physicians. Once agreed, we work diligently to implement the program and monitor progress.

For a more detailed look at a successful deployment of our hybrid hospital-employed model, read about UPMC Altoona and Lexington Radiology, as published in Radiology Today.

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