RBS delivers the direction and solutions radiologists and hospitals count on when it matters most.

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Hospital-Radiology Group Integration Strategies

RBS has been leading the way helping radiology groups and hospitals find long term, cohesive integration solutions which will withstand the ongoing changes in healthcare.
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Group Evaluation and Operational Analysis

RBS understands what it takes to evaluate a radiology program and analyze its operations-determine what is working well-and what isn’t. We assemble the right team with the expertise necessary for each specific evaluation.

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Contract Mediation and Negotiation

Many times, when there is a need for mediation and negotiation between radiology groups and hospitals, a neutral third party can be beneficial. RBS specializes in helping both parties communicate in a productive environment, identify goals and issues and achieve success in a timely manner.

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Outpatient Ventures

CMS has made it that clear cuts in IDTF imaging center reimbursement will continue. In most cases, an integrated partnership between a radiology group and hospital in outpatient imaging is the best way to maximize revenue and maintain financial security for both parties.

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Compensation Models

From initial analysis to development and monitoring, RBS is able to design progressive radiology compensation models based on the individual goals and needs of the group. Our proven formulas make it simple for individual physicians in the same group to either maximize income or lifestyle while maintaining equality within the group.

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Provider Solutions

RBS delivers consulting expertise in a number of areas critical to provider success. From system-wide solutions to radiology group M&A, hospital-employed programs, and new private practice development, RBS helps providers navigate the complexities of today’s radiology business environment.

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