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The RBS team is completely unique. We are comprised of radiologists, hospital executives, healthcare attorneys, and business consultants with years of practical experience in all aspects of radiology business and practice management. Because of our team make-up, we are able to provide an integrated, comprehensive solution to any radiology business issue.
Radiology business consultants

Radiology Business Consulting Services

RBS delivers the direction and solutions radiologists and hospitals count on when it matters most. Radiology Business Solutions has been leading the way helping radiology groups and hospitals find long term, cohesive integration solutions that will withstand the ongoing changes in healthcare.

Radiology practice management services

Radiology Practice Management

RBS is a full-service professional practice management company offering specialized services to radiology groups. Our advanced services are designed to allow radiology clients to maximize income and improve quality of life. RBS custom tailors our service levels to the needs of each client. Our services can be provided separately or as part of a complete program.
Business solutions for radiology service providers

Radiology Provider Solutions

RBS has developed a unique hybrid hospital employed radiology practice model that has been successfully implemented and proven to be operationally sound. Our model is a hybrid because it encompasses the best attributes of private practice and the security of hospital employment.

Solutions for Private Radiology Groups and Hospitals

Customized radiology business consulting, practice management, and more


Practice Management and Support Services

RBS understands the unique needs that private radiology practices face in their business. Our expertise in the area of management and practice support services can help your group practice.

Radiology Business Consulting

RBS offers radiology business consulting services in the areas of contract mediation, group practice operational analysis/evaluations, and other business functions.

Hospital/Group Integration Services

RBS has the experience and knowledge necessary to help hospitals and radiology groups build closer integrated relationships through partnerships, joint ventures, or hospital-employed models.

System Radiology Practice Development

RBS understands the need for multiple hospital systems to develop a single radiology strategy that serves the entire system, as opposed to multiple independent groups covering each facility.

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RBS actively seeks exceptional talent for our clients. See our latest openings.

Also be sure to read our update on the current radiologist job market outlook.

Success with a Hospital-Employed Practice


Hospital radiology practice integration successRead our success story about UPMC Altoona and Lexington Radiology, as published in Radiology Today. After years of scoring dead last in the physician satisfaction survey, Lexington Radiology now ranks at the top!

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Radiology Business Solutions Has Experience You Can Count On

Healthcare business professionals

Our Team is Unique

We are comprised of radiologists, hospital executives, healthcare attorneys, and business consultants with years of practical experience in all aspects of radiology business and practice management. We are able to provide an integrated, comprehensive solution to any radiology business issue.

Attentive and Results-Oriented

Our experience in the industry is unrivaled. You won’t find a more attentive and results-oriented team capable of responding to the challenges of complex radiology issues in an ever-changing industry.

Innovative, Unique Solutions

Our solutions are unique and tailored to each client. We approach each case with a fresh and unbiased eye. Our strength is use of innovative thinking and attention to detail. We take pride in having become “trusted advisors” to hundreds of radiologists and hospitals.

What Our Clients Say About RBS

“What makes RBS different is the real fact that they’ve been in the trenches on both sides of the equation. The group is made up of radiologists and former hospital administrators who offer business-minded and partnership-oriented legal expertise. While we didn’t always hear what we wanted to hear from RBS, their ability to see both sides and offer opposing perspectives allowed us all to create a true win-win agreement.”

Rob Cercek

Regional President (previous), Rochester Regional Health System

“RBS was instrumental in the development of our practice. Their ability to objectively assess the situations from all sides allowed them to help create a structure that was built for long term success. RBS had no interest in taking our contract, which provided confidence in their opinions as being truly objective. If you are facing turbulence, a consultation with RBS may prove to be very useful in understanding the big picture and helping craft long term solutions that work for all parties.”

Robin Prasad, M.D.

President (previous), Lexington Radiology

“Prescott Radiologists decided to hire RBS  to manage our practice after losing our long time practice manager. RBS provides our practice a wide variety of expertise and experience we could not expect from one practice manager. In addition to providing quality back office business support they provide other services like legal support, billing oversight, strategic planning and recruitment. Overall we are pleased with the services provided by RBS.”

Michael D'Angelo, M.D.

President, Prescott Radiologists

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