Radiology Practice Management

RBS is a full-service professional radiology practice management company offering specialized services to radiology groups.

Our advanced services are designed to allow radiology clients to maximize income and improve quality of life. RBS custom tailors our service levels to the needs of each client. Our radiology practice management services can be provided separately or as part of a complete program.

RBS client groups take advantage of a whole suite of business and consulting services.


  • Day-to-Day Operations
  • Accounting
  • Scheduling
  • Billing Oversight
  • Benefits Management
  • Legal Insight
  • Strategic Development
  • Recruiting and Staffing
RBS-managed practices enjoy a freedom of practice unlike any other private practices. The physicians are happier and more efficient, leaving the business functions to trusted professionals while remaining in complete control of their practice.

“We have had an on-going relationship with RBS since the inception of our practice. They first came to our hospital as consultants and evolved into organizers for our new group. Once the group was formed, RBS was an invaluable source of knowledge to help with contracts, hospital negotiations, legal services, billing issues, accounting services, and work flow. As the group matured, we were able to scale back services that we could do ourselves, while utilizing their expertise for predicting major trends and changes that they were seeing nationally to keep us ahead of the game. Whenever we called with an issue or question, they responded promptly and honestly. Our group has doubled in size since its inception and the RBS team has been with us every step of the way. It has been a relationship built on mutual respect and succeeds because we share a common goal in this changing environment – the well-being and success of the group. We couldn’t have picked better partners than RBS!”

Larry Neustadter, D.O.

Chairman, Regional Diagnostic Imaging, LLC

“Prescott Radiologists decided to hire RBS  to manage our practice after losing our long time practice manager. RBS provides our practice a wide variety of expertise and experience we could not expect from one practice manager. In addition to providing quality back office business support they provide other services like legal support, billing oversight, strategic planning and recruitment. Overall we are pleased with the services provided by RBS.”

Michael D'Angelo, M.D.

President, Prescott Radiologists

“RBS’ most professional and friendly staff have always been our devoted advocate in providing a tremendous collegial service. The accommodating support has helped us successfully negotiate many internal challenges as well as those with our hospital administration allowing us to thrive and grow for 12+ years!”

Mike Villani, M.D.

Regional Diagnostic Imaging

Radiology Business Solutions, LLC

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