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Productive, Successful Communication

Many times, when there is a need for mediation and negotiation between radiology groups and hospitals, a neutral third party can be beneficial. RBS specializes in helping both parties communicate in a productive environment, identify goals and issues and achieve success in a timely manner.

Proactive Mediation Prevents Turmoil

In many cases, both parties make the mistake of calling a consultant after negotiations have stalled or are in danger of failing. Progressive groups and hospitals seek outside expertise before the process begins to help define issues and goals before engaging in negotiations. By organizing the negotiations in a meaningful manner, success can be achieved with little turmoil.

Overcome Barriers to Success

Whether negotiating a Radiology Service Agreement (RSA) or designing a custom partner relationship for an existing imaging center, RBS has the know-how and the hands-on experience to overcome barriers and succeed. We look at all options and work hard to optimize profitability and relationship security.

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